Flathead Lake Protection Association

Keep Flathead Lake Blue

"The purpose of the FLPA is to assist in the proper development of the waters and shoreline of Flathead Lake to prevent contamination of the waters of the Lake and undesirable development of the shoreline; to assist the governmental bodies in adopting proper and necessary rules and regulations to accomplish protection of the waters and shoreline of the Lake, and to assist in enforcing rules and regulations by cooperating with public authorities or instituting or carrying on necessary legal proceedings and disseminating information."

 What is the Flathead Lake Protection Association?

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Yellow Bay Bio Station

Flathead Lakers

Swan Lakers

North Fork Preservation Assoc.

Flathead River to Lake Initiative




When you choose this license plate, a portion of your fee goes to the Yellow Bay Bio Station for monitoring of water quality in the Flathead Basin.  Look for it next time you renew and show that you care about this public treasure.

Tax Deductible Donations can be sent to:

Flathead Lake Protection Assn.

P.O. Box 679

Lakeside, MT 59922

email: President of Flathead Lake Protection Association

Enjoy this excellent video produced by local Flathead Lake enthusiasts, Gary and Marlene Spetz.

For best viewing experience, hit Pause and wait for video to load, then watch full-screen 

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